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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: San Diego / United States
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@Bunnynaut (Whoa!! It's Joe!) tweeted:

hey, undertale! https://t.co/maKTm7sMJl

@PaperBoxHouse (✨ALFRED✨) tweeted:

"Papyrus has had enough" a dumb comic by me #undertale (do not repost or edit please) https://t.co/OVWxjbPJj5

@UndertaleJP (UNDERTALE / DELTARUN) tweeted:

UNDERTALE 5th Anniversary Concertは9月16日午前11時からオンラインでスタートします!ですが、10時15分から入場可能(!?)です。早めに来る方も大歓迎!コンサートは、リニューアルしたばかりの公式… https://t.co/f2cqp71RqU

@elasticmud (Ginjrotchi Rights) tweeted:

theres new undertale dialogue from the cancelled app released & im losing my shit... . .... Toriel https://t.co/Rh1zPKNHmL

@Alyrian (Alyrian) tweeted:

Five years already #undertale #undertale5thAnniversary #fanart https://t.co/F1a1DGpCgy

@napstachill (нэпс) tweeted:

me listening to undertale soundtrack in 2015 vs listening to it in 2020 https://t.co/SHFhtl9ApZ

@popat0_chisps (popato ) tweeted:

happy 5th anniv undertale <3 here are my first ever undertale drawings lmao!! i immediately made sans CRY https://t.co/jHiOemLvby

@FristART (Fr!st ) tweeted:

Happy 5th Anniversary, Undertale; here's a completely unrelated character! Susie's got a few attacks that work in… https://t.co/QIsB8q8UUZ

@HannahTempler (Han) tweeted:

undertale birthday? undertale birthday https://t.co/fCKgwM6msb

@num89th (0x1CED - mw100+mw) tweeted:

←UNDERTALEのGルート一周目のプレイヤー →何周か繰り返してるプレイヤー https://t.co/eGlXc96DlX

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