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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Lviv / Ukraine
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@LizArcury (Liz Arcury) tweeted:

all the ex-comedy girls are going to OnlyFans and all the ex-comedy boys are going to Twitch nature is healing

@TAKU_nichan (たく兄ちゃん【王下七武海】⚓Twitch) tweeted:

みんな!!!お願いがある!!! FF内でTwitchで配信してるよって方のチャンネルをフォローしに行きたいです!!どんな配信してるか、色んなところ見たいです!! ※このツイートのリプにTwitchチャンネルのURL貼ってください

@Summersisok (Summers) tweeted:

yes i am a twitch streamer and this is my guinea pig come vibe with us https://t.co/RpOjWQx0pa https://t.co/8uZGKgMzqW

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Well, Community montage 2 is FINISHED! I squeezed in as many of your clips as I possibly could, and I think it turn… https://t.co/4SUDPfwZfQ

@mferrerbo (Maria Ferrer) tweeted:

Experiment canal Twitch: Trobo @Gaming_catala. Fico el nas a veure què, i trobo una comunitat activa amb molts de… https://t.co/PkFYy2TxSZ

@Ry_N05K_07 (龍之介) tweeted:

\告知/ 9/26(土) 「#あに部 !!!!-animative-」 ⌚20:00-25:00 ⚡Twitch配信 今回はfeat.企画challenge 枠として、先日の #つづる沼 でも最高のDJをみせてくれた「かなた」さ… https://t.co/feX1Kvts6V

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

*twitch twitch* https://t.co/AvRPrRgW68

@seriouslyclara (Clara Sia | ) tweeted:

I appreciate the big ass hearts some of you have in thanking Twitch for "listening" and "fixing" their shit, but th… https://t.co/MYjEmvWzNQ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Ranked https://t.co/VQpGY6nbGe https://t.co/7UxIF5L5PM

@Hamburgguer (Hamburgguer ) tweeted:

Já que as minas apelam eu vou apelar também

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