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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
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@TommyBeer (Tommy Beer) tweeted:

Per @bball_ref, RJ Barrett one of only seven players in NBA history to tally at least 800 points, 250 rebounds, 10… https://t.co/HsaJms5F9R

@SInow (Sports Illustrated) tweeted:

Jayson Tatum's biggest fan Deuce with a front-row seat for Game 1

@CafeDeRick (Javier R. Rodríguez) tweeted:

Jayson Tatum es la manera que el destino ha elegido para pedirnos perdón por Len Bias y Reggie Lewis. Talento, tama… https://t.co/oQCuPQDAKD

@TheHoopCentral (Hoop Central) tweeted:

Jayson Tatum joining some elite company.

@plutosaucegod (plutosaucegod) tweeted:

J’avais encore jamais vu un joueur du niveau de Tatum dans ma vie

@CBSSportsNBA (CBS Sports NBA) tweeted:

Jayson Tatum: dominating the Heat Deuce Tatum: not impressed https://t.co/gQRoNdO4n7

@VinceQuainoo (BAM ADEBAYO) tweeted:

Tatum proved me wrong, he’s a stud

@getnickwright (nick wright) tweeted:

Jayson Tatum after the 6 min mark of the 4th Q/OT: Missed 3 Missed 2 Missed 3 (Potential game winner) Missed 3 Miss… https://t.co/ajDSepRxxN

@randyjcruz (Randy Cruz) tweeted:

*Tatum goes up for the dunk* Bam: https://t.co/CArpB02rIw

@basketusa (Basket USA) tweeted:

Un contre monumental de Bam Adebayo sur Jayson Tatum offre le Game 1 au Heat https://t.co/0U4it3dVhP https://t.co/F7fyU1fO8X

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