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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Oslo / Norway
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@OKtamajun (Jun Tamaoki / 玉置絢) tweeted:


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@sharmaji_alone @Mahakaal_sena9 @1ndian_ak47 @Bhgwa2020 @sradhanjali6 @Kanchan19873376 @kunwardeepraj @KANE_US123… https://t.co/GYMh0kVati

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@dharm_shastra @Mahakaal_sena9 @1ndian_ak47 @Bhgwa2020 @sradhanjali6 @Kanchan19873376 @kunwardeepraj @KANE_US123… https://t.co/6p0EBOfvFA

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東大在学中、知人が「普通に努力するだけで東大入れるのにみんな努力が足りない」と言ってたけど、そんな彼は中高一貫私立校出身で 23区内に実家がある。貧困が固定化され始めてる地方出身者からすると、彼の『普通』は、我々が一代かけてやっと… https://t.co/aAgtCmWspe

@fernandopalomo (Fernando Palomo ESPN) tweeted:

Lewandowski en conferencia de prensa, eligiendo a los mejores 9 del mundo...pide dos minutos más para elegir, se to… https://t.co/XdSoWbBfNq

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

so we have: a pjo tv show kane chronicles movies magnus chase ????????

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Son and Bale feeding Kane? I don’t think Lokomotiv Plovdiv are ready.

@fpldoodles1 (fpldoodles) tweeted:

Thank you to everyone who voted and got my new feature off to a great start...

@wnbachicagosky (Chicago Sky) tweeted:

OMG @gabbywilliams15

@nalgami (なるがみ) tweeted:


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