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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
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@BulletClubIta (Italo Santana) tweeted:

LMAO. One of my favorites GIFs I have ever made. #ClipperNation x #MileHighBasketball #WholeNewGame #NBAPlayoffs https://t.co/JxR0FfTLR6

@LizHabib (Liz Habib) tweeted:

Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan, and. Blake Griffin did this in 2015 - lost 3 in a row in semis. #ClipperNation

@Mythical65 (J.P. ) tweeted:

@SASBurnerAcct Laker players tomorrow in the cafeteria waiting for the Flippers #ClipperNation https://t.co/ZTr0XyWCEr

@_Lil_Savvy (Mr. Chocolate ) tweeted:

This how clippers fans feel about Pat bev and Pandemic P.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Δεύτερη σερί σειρά που γυρίζει από 3-1. Ο τύπος έχει φέρει το χάος στο NBA. #MileHighBasketball vs #ClipperNation… https://t.co/EG7S6Nu6dV

@MarcaBasket (MARCA Baloncesto) tweeted:

@LAFiebreLakers (L.A. Fiebre Amarilla) tweeted:

Los Ángeles SIEMPRE fue, es y será de LAKERS. #LakeShow PD: No se os oía, ni se os oye, ni os oiremos Clippers… https://t.co/vPkqfOciii

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Kawhi de vacaciones...

@LakersOutsiders (Lakers Outsiders) tweeted:

@got__kash ($) tweeted:

#ClipperNation, answer this poll. It’s very important. Fire Doc?

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