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@itsShowtimeNa (It's Showtime) tweeted:

#ShowtimeCoverYourLaugh Miyerkules kulitan with Hashtag CK! https://t.co/GrYMqK17jT

@itsShowtimeNa (It's Showtime) tweeted:

#ShowtimeCoverYourLaugh Wednesday with P.U.T. Hashtag CK! https://t.co/JNPoMVUnnZ

@itsShowtimeNa (It's Showtime) tweeted:

#ShowtimeCoverYourLaugh Wednesday kulitan with Persons Under Testing, Hashtag CK! https://t.co/75AZIKDq29

@anakarylle (karylle) tweeted:

https://t.co/Kk0ROvWoVG #showtimecoveryourlaugh with tracer #AuntJulie @macoydubs1

@lynsoli (lyn gomez) tweeted:

#ShowtimeCoverYourLaugh I love aunt Julie. Go go aunt Julie https://t.co/bvxrTp3oIA

@hubby_art (Art) tweeted:

Having fun while watching Showtime. #ShowtimeCoverYourLaugh ❤️

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Love you Showtime

@mikez_valera (John Michael) tweeted:

#ShowtimeCoverYourLaugh Super Laugh trip.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Blurred ka Auntie

@itsShowtimeNa (It's Showtime) tweeted:

#ShowtimeCoverYourLaugh Miyerkules with our Tumpak Tracer for the day, Macoy Dubs aka Auntie Julie! https://t.co/uZLdDTfVC7

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