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Trend time: Wed Sep 16, 2020
Trend location: Germany / Germany
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@DannyVadin (Lord Vahd) tweeted:

Do you need to buy

@CocaColaCo (The Coca-Cola Co.) tweeted:

From digital expansion to embracing new technologies, learn how #digitization is accelerating our new way forward.… https://t.co/OU6Nr3ZDE2

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Are you load testing your APIs? We load tested our eCommerce orders API with 1 million orders per hour using K6

@D_n_D (Agence Dn'D) tweeted:


@ModJenn (Maud Rochand (Jenni)) tweeted:

Comment se dessine l’avenir de la logistique e-commerce en 2021 ? https://t.co/nj3RHGeMI0 via @Ecom_NationFR #ecommerce

@Tyagi0G (Tyagi) tweeted:

@TencentGlobal remains the second largest stakeholder in #Flipkart, increasing its stake to 5.34% after infusing $6… https://t.co/at4ehmah1o

@ayokasystems (Ayoka Systems) tweeted:

#stocks open higher ahead of #Fed news & earnings from #FedEx above #analyst estimates fueled by the #ecommerce boo… https://t.co/GQxwyO

@EnergyPR (Energy PR) tweeted:

Organisations coming out of #COVID19 not only have commercial ground to make up but also a new world order to get u… https://t.co/NazAntMEID

@RETHINK_Retail (RETHINK Retail) tweeted:

VP Commerce @valtech Pascal Lagarde shares the steps to take today to make sure you’re well-positioned to maintain… https://t.co/OUFHKoO7c5

@tomy2875 (Tomy) tweeted:

RT @LoopNet: Demand for warehouses continues to grow as companies scramble to find space for their #ecommerce needs. What does this mean fo…

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