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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Petaling / Malaysia
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@fasyafluffy (Roxy ) tweeted:

My junior from MRSM Serting lost his vision.May Allah bless him.Pray fr Qairil

@IAmIkra (Ikra) tweeted:

How beautiful. May Allah grant you firdous, they hadn't even been married even 6 week. #ChapeHillShooting http://t.co/j6IzrZfWRE

@AhmadFadhli1115 (De'Black Flag) tweeted:

May Allah grant us all visit to His blessed house. Ameen. http://t.co/zv9h6aXRkY

@Alhamdhulillaah (.) tweeted:

"I sent my father to Mecca for Hajj with my first paycheck" - Mamadou Sakho, Footballer. May Allah accept. http://t.co/uQiiAyNUi8

@Haikal_Samad (Taygaaa) tweeted:

Foreign workers holding up canvas to shelter jemaah outside the mosque. May Allah SWT bless them☺️ #asyafaah http://t.co/d8E042Prew

@Lucaspeebo (Lucaspeebo) tweeted:

salam jumaat, everyone. may Allah forgive our sins & ease everything for us today. amin insyaAllah.

@thekhayalan15 (Anna Khayalan) tweeted:

May Allah ease everything for us. Amin.

@KingsSomaliSoc (KCL Somali Society) tweeted:

SubhanAllah, may Allah grant those killed in the attacks Jannah. Ameen. http://t.co/jqO7eQIGZ0

@aliumarabubakr1 (Ali Umar) tweeted:

Our muslims who were captured by shia are now free and happy bi idni Allah. May Allah help the mujahidien everywhere amien

@sabz_mariam (Sabhaa) tweeted:

@IffetRafeeq @DusttoDiamonds_ Loved the video sis! You delivered it amazingly ☺️May Allah reward you immensely..You make me laugh too!

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