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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Petaling / Malaysia
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@MUFC_NL (Manchester United) tweeted:

Manchester United fan-girl! #MUFC #GGMU http://t.co/4r6JqfDjHj

@RedDevilTimes (Fergie's Fledglings) tweeted:

Let's put this to rest Wayne Rooney - Where should he play? RT = Upfront or No. 10 Fav = Midfield #mufc #GGMU http://t.co/HZKBrAVnWF

@BoyleSports (BoyleSports) tweeted:

Louis van Gaal will be busy on the internet later. #Falcao #PNEvMUFC #GGMU http://t.co/mZPti7eoTd

@CoachPeteQuinn (Pete Quinn) tweeted:

IT'S MATCH DAY!!! COME ON UNITED!!! #MUFC #GGMU http://t.co/lbuRpt2UqL

@hayontii_q (4everUnited) tweeted:

اليوم : #مانشستر_يونايتد v سوانزي الوقت: ٦ م المكان: Liberty Stadium القناة: beIn Sports HD1

@Alirizvi14 (Reus Ali RiXvi ) tweeted:

Matchday! #GGMU http://t.co/YHOuOqjmvJ

@Totallyutd (Totally United) tweeted:

We wish Phil Jones a very Happy birthday! He turns 23 today. #mufc #ggmu http://t.co/hIeZN9pour

@muhadkly (IG: Muhadkly Acho) tweeted:

Gua aslinya #YNWA :)) -- RT @mhmmdilhm_: Sampe gabosen nonton bang @muhadkly #GGMU bang!

@PG_Gali (PG) tweeted:

Man.United vs Swansea #GGMU #Degea #imusicRCTI

@ManUtd_Paraguay (Man. United Paraguay) tweeted:

ATENCIÓN: El partido de hoy contra el Swansea, irá por la señal de @TigoSportsPY FAVOR RT PARA DIFUNDIR!!! #GGMU

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