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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
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@5SOS_dupdates (卌5SOS UPDATES卌) tweeted:

If you're not voting for the boys....

@amentalproblem (ferna) tweeted:

cosas que en la puta vida me van a pasar #vote5sos #KCA http://t.co/cXdLnrzGs1

@5TextsofSummer (Texting 5SOS) tweeted:

“@dimplydrummer: Ashton is so hot and perfect and sexy and attractive and I'm crying https://t.co/FcX0HziT5L”

@Whats_my_namex (mani❤️) tweeted:

“@mayetxfivesos: one hundred fifty five out of idk RT bc Calum Luke Michael and Ashton loves you #vote5sos #kca http://t.co/ru4LtvMBpt”

@longdclifford (Odeliya x) tweeted:

Going to post 100 5sos gifs Rt so we'll get more votes ^_^ #KCA #vote5sos 100\84 http://t.co/YHOf5jhUSp

@5sosIJs (5sos Inside Jokes) tweeted:

"You don't make friends with salad! You don't make friends with salad! " #vote5sos #kca

@_CALM5S0S (emily) tweeted:

just something to make you laugh your ass off -Em #Vote5SOS #KCA http://t.co/eJqKC2rUwI

@soIotracks (ㅤ) tweeted:

rt nd quote for cake ! #vote5sos #kca http://t.co/wwLIpONAe1

@gordonaffair (yep) tweeted:

mal acordei e ja to votando, ngm merece essa vida #Vote5SOS #KCA

@5SOSTumblrx (5SOS TUMBLR POSTS) tweeted:

THIS IS WAY TOO FUNNY TO NOT SHARE IT (maybe it's Luke's blog) #vote5sos #kca http://t.co/CgD6BMX9iU

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