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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
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@meinmokhtar (mein) tweeted:

Fish fish fish fish Talk lie, later became thief #MalayRiddle

@HanifElias (Mat Anip) tweeted:

like duck go home at evening #MalayRiddle

@ediengg (MatDeng) tweeted:

golden banana go vacation, cook one on the refrigerator. #MalayRiddle

@PaanJr (Paan Jr) tweeted:

BODOH HAHAHAHA #MalayRiddle http://t.co/6AvEsVKlCw

@PaanJr (Paan Jr) tweeted:

swallow die mom, puke die dad #MalayRiddle

@MikhailAnasAR (mikhail) tweeted:

Hard hard first, easy easy later #MalayRiddle

@paha_ikan (Paha Ikan™) tweeted:

People who confuse idioms & proverbs as riddles. #MalayRiddle #facepalm

@LK_Alligator (♛δεuηgRι♛) tweeted:

Pull wood push wood Keranji fruit inside the boat Asked to eat he eat Asked mengaji he dont know #MalayRiddle

@ajnonis (Alexandra Jayne) tweeted:

LMAO @ #MalayRiddle. Riddle is teka-teki, not peribahasa. Stop. I'm getting second hand embarrassment

@fitrazak (Soy) tweeted:

lmao riddle is teka teki bruhh who the hell started with these peribahasa and pantun pulak ni malays stahp

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