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May Allah

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
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@EnnBilal (єии вιℓαℓ ) tweeted:

@Fereeha true smallest coffins are always heaviest . May Allah Almighty award us courage to bear this loss Aameen http://t.co/p8nuT8ITpu

@IISWEST (Islamic Institute) tweeted:

Inna Lillahi ve inna ileyhi Raciun. We are sad to announce the passing of Mrs AYNUR TANIS. May Allah give her the highest place in Jannah ++

@noumanbayyinah (nouman) tweeted:

Met my hero in Dubai! May Allah preserve our teacher and make us worthy students! http://t.co/Ugie00iHjj

@MasjidBinBaazph (MasjidBinBaazphl) tweeted:

Another brother just donated via PayPal $10 may Allah reward him

@A1maN_96 (aIMoNn_dANy) tweeted:

RT @topislamictwit: I look at mom ♥ I admire, how strong she is to get up no matter how tired and prepared us food on the table. May Alla…

@abu_bakr_sadeeq (AMBA) tweeted:

RT @MrAlMubarak: InnshaaAllah may Allah take is all safely and healthy to this blessed month. #Islam #Ramadan http://t.co/M9daiNObTX

@GIRLLOQU (......) tweeted:

@abdullahniz good then !! Whole system need a change only players are not responsible for.... May Allah help :(

@wanirella (w ) tweeted:

happy 18th birthday! may Allah bless you with good health & happiness ☺️☺️ hope to see you play soon bro ☺️

@kookiharry (R.I.P GUNTER :'() tweeted:

@ButterflyxNarry @zaynmalik May allah protect you


“@Nuhu_Galadima: HBD @THENAMEISHAMZA may Allah bless,guide,protect and grant you all the good things ur Heart desires.”Thanks bro.

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