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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
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@Ultrascirebon33 (Ultras Cirebon) tweeted:

Pyroshow ultras persib after match Persib vs malaysia selection @ GBLA Bandung, Indonesia. http://t.co/NnCVsRewEI

@yipas (dua yipa) tweeted:

#runningmanmalaysia ni bukan dah lama ke kat Malaysia http://t.co/XZenK1tngb

@Putrie_Chubby (Rina Apriliana Putri) tweeted:

> http://t.co/Rw5hwrBlMz ] RT Ya http://t.co/2kvODQOvXp

@ygent_official (YG FAMILY) tweeted:

[2015 TAEYANG CONCERT 'RISE' in Malaysia] More photos @ https://t.co/UGA80DBK0q #TAEYANG #태양 #RISE http://t.co/o590Wv1HyY

@AsiaInPics (Asia In Pictures) tweeted:

The Crystal Mosque, Malaysia #landmarks #travel #malaysia Photo by Morten Guttorm http://t.co/FrwkObd0CY

@hnanihnn (hanani) tweeted:

i wonder when will malaysia's cgi will be as advanced as those developed countries

@CikHaf (Mama Drama) tweeted:

Mana pergi keaslian orang Malaysia? Kedai makan Arab, Western, Thai, Japanese & Indonesia dah banyak ni. Kita perlukan makanan Malaysia

@BN_Frog (Frogue) tweeted:

"@bedlamfury: Activist Adam Adli held after pro-Anwar protest in KL http://t.co/rCAIPMTPQf #Malaysia #humanrights http://t.co/hgR6gvUE14"

@LoansHancho (LoansHancho) tweeted:

How to pay LESS interest on your home loan http://t.co/QRlHbMgARC

@Azmizam (Azmizam Zaman Huri) tweeted:

Hari Tangkap 1 Malaysia... #KitaLawan #BebasAnwar #LawanTetapLawan http://t.co/RWloxeoQOP

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