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The Rays

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Portland / United States
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@Jomboy_ (Jomboy) tweeted:

The rays are getting frustrated https://t.co/1mUR5f0rWW

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Astros looking at the Rays https://t.co/zVd8t6CdOE

@epchihuahuas (epchihuahuas) tweeted:

Former Chihuahua Player Playoff Update: Manuel Margot (@manuelmargot) goes deep in back-to-back innings tonight fo… https://t.co/rNtmdicIxG

@prodbydahm (the line - OUT NOW) tweeted:

The Rays fucking suck bro As much as I hate the Yankees I know they woulda closed it out in 5 at most

@ShortArmOtheLaw ((((ShortArmOtheLaw))) tweeted:

RT @AP_Sports: George Springer and the Astros beat the Rays for the third straight game, 7-4 to force a deciding Game 7 of the AL Champions…

@Padrinos34 (Joey Bowman) tweeted:

RT @JoeyWright10: The Astros coming back from 0-3 vs the Rays in a shorten pandemic season at a NEUTRAL SITE with NO FANS is NOT the same a…

@Swanglow27 (pretty ) tweeted:

RT @BleacherReport: Astros beat the Rays to force a Game 7

@jenpiacenti (Jennifer Piacenti) tweeted:

Before tonight, Astros had outhit the Rays in the Post Season: 100 to 81. After tonight? 111 to 87 It was bound t… https://t.co/HXdMnkAlax

@Go_HomeRoger (Beard Shabazz ) tweeted:

RT @BleacherReport: Astros beat the Rays to force a Game 7

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

If the rays fail tomorrow and dont spend more this offseason words cant even explain. Our owner wants to move us an… https://t.co/ouVX01zTml

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