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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Oklahoma City / United States
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@KellyMassicot (Kelly Massicot) tweeted:

Honestly, still shocked by the people mad/surprised/offended? By @HamiltonMusical doing a fundraiser for literally… https://t.co/PInCIDAVK9

@hollydayberries (Holly :)) tweeted:

My favorite part about the entire #hamiltontownhall is hands down Jonathan Groff showing up in this glorious crown.… https://t.co/8cLtHix2Mk

@lorimeow (Lori Westcott) tweeted:

Just your average Friday night date with some of the most gorgeous men On Earth. #HamiltonTownHall… https://t.co/FXGNuYC1qg

@cricket771 (Rachel) tweeted:

@Lin_Manuel he got to stay up extra late! And asked “where is Lin?!” for an hour.

@WendyGrahn (Wendy Grahn) tweeted:

I was in the zoom where it happens and it was glorious. Thanks cast of Hamilton #hamiltontownhall

@abediaa (Ali Asghar) tweeted:

@latinovictoryus @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel @JasCephasJones @Phillipasoo @ReneeGoldsberry @Vegalteno Sheriff Joe… https://t.co/QwxtpZZt9d

@abediaa (Ali Asghar) tweeted:

@LULAC Sheriff Joe Arpaio tricked into singing “immigrants we get the job done” #hamiltontownhall… https://t.co/DHpU4mBFbS

@DeniseEMichel (Denise) tweeted:

RT @rhleeds: Dear god PLEASE release this Room Where It Happened voting video @JoeBiden #hamiltontownhall https://t.co/2GZdEUzZ2p

@coffeenut22 (Java22) tweeted:

RT @taradublinrocks: This is the first event I’ve seen like this with an ASL interpreter & that inclusion matters so much @ReneeGoldsber

@sunsetlane82 (Vote to end this nig) tweeted:

RT @HeatherBarmore: "Let's not just raise our glasses to freedom, but let's raise our voices too." - @Lin_Manuel #HamiltonTownHall https:…

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