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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@annleegibson (Ann Lee Gibson) tweeted:

@ryanobles @onlxn What a P.O.S. Perdue is. That's not a dog whistle. It's a "Kill!" command.

@DavidPaulLowery (David Paul Lowery) tweeted:

@CaslerNoel @sendavidperdue @ossoff is running against Perdue and would appreciate your support!!

@nypapajoe (jespanol) tweeted:


@PalmerReport (Palmer Report) tweeted:

GOP Senator David Perdue has racist meltdown about Kamala Harris https://t.co/Wy06sA3j9T

@FilmmakerJulie (Julie Cohen) tweeted:

Wouldn’t it be divine if David Perdue’s racist, sexist juvenile jerkiness got him exactly what he deserves - a reco… https://t.co/U5ptfWr5Zf

@JMilesColeman (J. Miles Coleman) tweeted:

Since the Perdue news has been out for a few hours now, i’m assuming everyone’s had time to google the 2006 VA Sen race.

@gregariousbiped (Doctor Murky) tweeted:

RT @ossoff: We're 18 days out and I'm narrowly leading Sen. Perdue in the polls. Chip in $1 to end his career: https://t.co/EIcdqorNzj

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @JohnJHarwood: disgusting racist appeal from David Perdue

@hailsyeah (hailee) tweeted:

RT @PhilipRucker: David Perdue has served with Kamala Harris in the Senate for four years. He knows how to properly pronounce her name.

@JerryMcPeake (Jerry McPeake) tweeted:

RT @kylegriffin1: Senator Perdue should apologize. He should not have a communications staffer cover for him with an obvious lie. He did no…

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