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Rick Gates

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Pittsburgh / United States
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@jaketapper (Jake Tapper) tweeted:

Rick Gates’ book has a section about when Trump tweeted out an image “interpreted as anti-Semitic” in 2016 and Dan… https://t.co/H4qEcvlpWb

@genuine_ersatz (Genuine Ersatz) tweeted:

So who's really fucking Nestor? Is it Rick Gates or Matt Gaetz? I'm all confused now.

@JohnnyDee62 (Johnny Resists) tweeted:

RT @maggieNYT: Did Trump just refer to Matt Gaetz as Rick Gates a few times in Florida?

@Passion082 (RD Archer) tweeted:

Rick Gates for trump. His subconscious is manifesting what his conscience knows.

@VoteBlue4Us (Meidas : #HereRightM) tweeted:

RT @TheJayPodcast: Rick Gates with his son Nestor Gates https://t.co/3sbR7cukOB

@kccheigl (Kari) tweeted:

RT @HKrassenstein: Remember when Matt Gaetz said Joe Biden had Dementia because he confused someone’s name? Well... Donald Trump literal…

@VoteBlue4Us (Meidas : #HereRightM) tweeted:

RT @PalmerReport: Donald Trump's day so far: - Loses town hall ratings battle to Biden - Confuses Matt Gaetz with Rick Gates - General Kel…

@finfan74 (IllNiñ0_17) tweeted:

RT @PalmerReport: Trump is insisting Biden has cognitive issues, yet Trump thinks Rick Scott, Rick Gates, and Matt Gaetz are the same perso…

@TheScrubadactl (Scrubadactl) tweeted:

RT @PhilEhr: Matt Gaetz, self-proclaimed best friend of Trump, after Trump repeatedly calls him Rick Gates: https://t.co/aiIt3XL8RM

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @LeonaLioness6: Trump couldn't even remember the name of his pet dog. He kept referring to him as Rick Gates instead of Matt Gaetz.

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