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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Pittsburgh / United States
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@e_mrtz (Edwin) tweeted:

Dodgers need a limpia at this point https://t.co/xka1xR4hGa

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Tom Brady signs with the Dodgers for 4 days, to help against an Atlanta team https://t.co/wCRxCLKPMM

@itsfedex (Serena) tweeted:

pray for us #dodgers https://t.co/2OlhX4SPTp

@ShieIdsBree (Bree Shields) tweeted:

JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL #dodgers https://t.co/3SAlJ8WYlT

@ShieIdsBree (Bree Shields) tweeted:

Pretty sure I once heard, “you ain’t shit if you ain’t swinging.” True story. #dodgers https://t.co/kRIK5MTpTd

@ShieIdsBree (Bree Shields) tweeted:

Bring back Kirk Gibson. #dodgers https://t.co/vrSSDEvQ3f

@ShieIdsBree (Bree Shields) tweeted:

Where did these guys go? #dodgers https://t.co/SkqL25VOQB

@brookme3 (Brook Smith) tweeted:

You guys remember when the Dodgers used to swing their bats and play baseball? Good times.

@ramonashelburne (Ramona Shelburne) tweeted:

I can’t watch anymore of this. Call me if the Dodgers start showing any signs of life.

@JeffDonahoo_ (Jeff) tweeted:

Joe Buck when the Dodgers do anything https://t.co/3qkBbURyDH

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