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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@rodmaldaner (Rod Maldaner) tweeted:

@MaddowBlog 5 mins in and I’ve had chills the whole time. This will be exhausting and emotional. Hopefully the timi… https://t.co/crfhZvnWTV

@wtfjag () tweeted:

@BarackObama @PeteSouza @WayISeeItFilm We are watching now. What a powerful documentary captured by @PeteSouza… https://t.co/y9YiNBPurC

@jphillips6030 (jphillips) tweeted:

@MSNBC @FocusFeatures Powerful moving documentary of the @BarackObama years. #TheWayISeeIt is an awesome betrayal of the way we were.

@Jaye622 (Jaye) tweeted:

This Pete Souza doc is WRECKING me. I was not ready to revisit all these images of President Obama #TheWayISeeIt

@purpose_money (The Purpose of Money) tweeted:

“There is no substitute for empathy. It’s the foundation of who we are as human beings.” David Wheeler @MSNBC #TheWayISeeIt Sandy Hook

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I can’t

@Caryopter (Hillary Obama) tweeted:

Bittersweet viewing. Bitter, bittersweet. #TheWayISeeIt https://t.co/tit4oDyaZh

@Kristina_Why (Kristina ) tweeted:

OMG ... The Reggie Love “Did you get that block”? story ... As a lifelong @dukebasketball devotee ... I adore this anecdote! #TheWayISeeIt

@sandibachom (Sandi Bachom) tweeted:

watching #TheWayISeeIt how did we go from Obama to this? I refuse to believe we can't get that back, decency. comp… https://t.co/6AGPLS951C

@YNB (yvette nicole brown) tweeted:

.@PeteSouza is a sweetheart of a man. Every time he cries in #TheWayISeeIt, I cry.

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