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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@Julia_Geromin (Jules) tweeted:

The Houston Astros winning it all after this cheating scandal is not the flex they think it is. So you didn’t have… https://t.co/5fZIgG1oAN

@ZacharyAdamGray (Zachary Adam Gray) tweeted:

Astros after Game 3: https://t.co/kqE5p6T9iu

@JesseKellyDC (Jesse Kelly) tweeted:

Thrilled to see my Astros doing so well. Professional baseball needs a lot more teams who play the game the right way.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:


@Ray311 (Rook) tweeted:

@astros Astros after Game 3: https://t.co/NzKB9prICW

@Rich_Boardz (UsoRich) tweeted:

Sheesh the Dodgers bouta lose and go home and the Astros could go back to the WS lol that’s honestly hilarious I gu… https://t.co/gXbkxI3Z38

@OriStark_ () tweeted:

#Rays se dejó montar la pata por #Astros y le sacaron el 7mo y último juego para decidir quién va a la Serie Mundial. #mlb #Postemporada

@CopierCollin (SPACEMAN) tweeted:

@MLB @astros Charlie Morton (2017 Astros for you casual baseball fans) facing off against the Astros tomorrow

@Reuters (Reuters) tweeted:

Astros top Rays again, send ALCS to Game 7 https://t.co/q3fo1q5n4C https://t.co/WEurI65Ki7

@primerahora (Primera Hora) tweeted:

El campocorto puertorriqueño de los Astros impidió que el novato abridor se intimidara por las palabras del bateado… https://t.co/qFqQEHg9pF

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