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Pete Souza

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Milwaukee / United States
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@thedailybeast (The Daily Beast) tweeted:

EXCLUSIVE: In this exclusive clip from "The Way I See It," Obama photographer Pete Souza talks about the first phot… https://t.co/cNyrPB1fkb

@MSNBC (MSNBC) tweeted:

Opinion | Pete Souza: I photographed Obama and Reagan. Here's why President Trump's White House is a national disgr… https://t.co/fxLKYMUdCQ

@CAustenPowers (Caryn Austen) tweeted:

@BarackObama @PeteSouza @WayISeeItFilm This film is filled with hope. It is a beautiful thing to see government fun… https://t.co/3VbW6L2ySZ

@NiranEC (Niran) tweeted:

Watching 'The way I see it', the new documentary from the eyes of Pete Souza, and it puts a lump in my throat. Agre… https://t.co/N0FuwiSloh

@chaneyj (Jen Chaney) tweeted:

Watching this Pete Souza documentary and I honestly forgot that same-sex marriage passed on the same day Obama sang… https://t.co/rEnaPbcRrc

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

MSNBC knocked it out box with The Obama Documentary. By Pete Souza , chief photographer, he captured OBAMA well.… https://t.co/du7PhDkKER

@RobertPicardo (Robert Picardo) tweeted:

A moving documentary & much needed antidote for the toxic politics of the moment.- - Pete Souza, Obama’s White Hous… https://t.co/UcAp8h

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

My favorite pic from the Obama years. I have no idea if Pete Souza took it. I was too focused on who I was standing… https://t.co/7hkOWjcEOs

@1813Doncarlo (Charles Campisi) tweeted:

Pete Souza, White House photographer who covered 8 yrs. of Barack Obama's presidency, produced an extraordinary doc… https://t.co/9jgDIrL2ph

@ContentRetired (Auntie) tweeted:

@RepSwalwell @BarackObama I love Pete Souza’s photos. They really captured a very special President and his Lady. ❤️

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