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The Rays

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Miami / United States
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@EephusTosser (Eephus Tosser) tweeted:

Game 6: Team MVP Martín Maldonado, postseason home runner Kyle Tucker, and the Rays are on the brink of an epic col… https://t.co/1W7GlIob71

@LarrytheGM (Larry P) tweeted:

The Rays were destroyed by Valdez’s curveball. If only the #Astros starter tomorrow could throw a nasty curveball https://t.co/uAPVLVRNJ7

@dashd11 (Damani Gardner) tweeted:

They’re worse than the Clippers the Rays are https://t.co/YLWxj5v0pr

@Iads69 (козел) tweeted:

RT @GiraffeNeckMarc: Wow. The Rays just blew a 3-0 lead. Unbelievable

@B_gan1422 (Ben J.) tweeted:

@RuFan130 The Rays are reall gonna blow a 3-0 lead smh

@TooSimpBill (Bill) tweeted:

The Rays and Braves are finna choke...

@dextertee12 (Nathan Smith) tweeted:

@IAmSueSue2 The Astros are the better team. The Rays just have great pitching. You could see the faces of those yo… https://t.co/WyUAXWhDl2

@markvanbaale (Mark Van Baale) tweeted:

I can’t believe the Rays have been one win away from heading to the World Series the last 3 games and they have blo… https://t.co/UM9YK834aq

@Its_Lit_MLB (ItsLittt) tweeted:

@Pitching_rebel Dude the rays seem big rattled

@_andyrod (Andy) tweeted:

RT @BarstoolHubbs: As much as I hate the Astros, watching the Rays blow a 3-0 series lead is WILD. I truly don’t know what to root for. My…

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