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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Memphis / United States
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@AmicaAli (Alicia Carlson ) tweeted:

I miss that man so damn much. #BarackObama #TheWayISeeIt

@gibby0816 (HortzG) tweeted:

@Shaniffy64 @GBHNews @PeteSouza @jimbraude @dawnporterm @WayISeeItFilm You are not alone #TheWayISeeIt #PeteSouza… https://t.co/2sXVc6zR4c

@rozellahw (Rozella Haydée White) tweeted:

Just watched #TheWayISeeIt and I’m overcome by emotion. Thank you @PeteSouza for your witness and for your commitme… https://t.co/XNBHW7WHtL

@TamikkaC (Tamikka C) tweeted:

The smiles I smiled and the tears I cried. Decency over politics. @PeteSouza Thank you for sharing your sight. #TheWayISeeIt

@StSmallerie (StSmallerie) tweeted:

RT @gibby0816: @Shaniffy64 @GBHNews @PeteSouza @jimbraude @dawnporterm @WayISeeItFilm You are not alone #TheWayISeeIt #PeteSouza #Obama #Pr…

@marlawhite (marlawhite/WHPR) tweeted:

Welling up watching #TheWayISeeIt. You are a master #petesouza and I miss #theObamas so.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Thank you for your service

@Zerrick_Gerard (Zerrick Henderson) tweeted:

Man when you see what we had watching this documentary #TheWayISeeIt then you look around and see what has become o… https://t.co/AoKpV48MxL

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@JoyAnnReid I’m so glad for this after program for #TheWayISeeIt . What a remarkable film!

@Mickey1Fan (Audrey Brooks) tweeted:

I know this wasn’t only me watching #TheWayISeeIt. Man, I miss my forever President @BarackObama and my forever FLO… https://t.co/YZQeO1muC1

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