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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@ActDontReact (FOCUS! #BidenHarrisL) tweeted:

RT @mmpadellan: Watching #TheWayISeeIt was both a beautiful reminder of what it was to have a caring human in the Oval Office, and a jarrin…

@betseybess (b.) tweeted:

RT @MidwinCharles: Watching #TheWayISeeIt on @MSNBC about photojournalist @PeteSouza coverage of @BarackObama White House years and I’m tr…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @ReignOfApril: This is going to make me ugly cry. I already know it. #TheWayISeeIt

@betseybess (b.) tweeted:

RT @shannonrwatts: Over 145,000 Americans have died from gun violence during Donald Trump’s administration. Juxtapose his callous indiffere…

@winetast3r (Kim AF Brat) tweeted:

RT @B52Malmet: #TheWayISeeIt just makes me want to see something so different from what we have been subjected to for four years. Thanks to…

@gemccowin (yinzerINbaltimore) tweeted:

#TheWayISeeIt Joe Biden has been at the helm of this ship for years. #BidenCrimeFamily https://t.co/moComqoCVs

@Mc_Big9Rob (Big RobG) tweeted:

RT @RepSwalwell: I’m not crying. You’re crying. #TheWayISeeIt @BarackObama

@DemsForHumanity (#Fight4WhatsRight) tweeted:

Don’t forget to watch! What a beautiful, poignant, powerful piece of history #TheWayISeeIt #PeteSouza incredible m… https://t.co/B78qo5io2k

@betseybess (b.) tweeted:

RT @timothyjshaffer: Watching #TheWayISeeIt with my six-year-old and during the section on Sandy Hook she asks, “Were those little kids lik…

@JulieLKenward (Julia Gulia ) tweeted:

RT @AKASeKretS43: Conservatives sat and watched those Sandy Hook families lose their babies and started treating guns like the victim. #T…

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