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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Louisville / United States
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@bv_bombers (Bombers Baseball) tweeted:

Former 2014 TCL Champion @bv_bombers AJ Minter was dealing tonight in the NLCS. He went 3 Innings with 1 Hit and 7… https://t.co/otilhEP3OK

@brin6963_john (john bringuel) tweeted:

RT @jonmorosi: A.J. Minter’s performance tonight will be remembered for a long, long time. Extraordinary effort for the @Braves.

@CristopherJord6 (Cristopher Jordan) tweeted:

RT @heyitsTMurph: I had zero Minter autos

@HenryOndikPT20 (⚾️Henry⚾️) tweeted:

RT @PitchingNinja: It's AJ Minter's World.

@m_a_p09 (M ) tweeted:

RT @TheHulk_36: @olfrixk They should have let Minter go longer

@jsnyder1six (John Snyder) tweeted:

Mojo came and went with Minter tonight. Need to find some late inning energy.

@Exocrazelol (Logan) tweeted:

AJ Minter went out there tonight and pitched probably the best game of his life and it’s not gonna matter one bit b… https://t.co/drKChJJeYy

@bethwiggins_ (Beth Wiggins) tweeted:

RT @jermainedupri: That boy minter ❄️ @Braves

@w_fez (fez) tweeted:

RT @_louieej: bryse wilson & aj minter rn https://t.co/Uhp1R6AoyL

@Edward_Foster4 (Edward Foster) tweeted:

We’re wasting a perfect first career start by Minter. You couldn’t have asked for a better start and now we swing a… https://t.co/Px0cn75EXw

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