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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Louisville / United States
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@SupereeeGO (EGO) tweeted:

Let’s go #Dodgers https://t.co/fUt4leaS5K

@CrushTheBookie (CRUSH THE BOOKIE) tweeted:

@EASTLA_NEWS (East L.A. News) tweeted:


@SNstats (Sportsnet Stats) tweeted:

Will Smith vs Will Smith First Pitcher vs Batter matchup with the same first & last name in MLB postseason history #Dodgers #FortheA

@DanielAlvarezEE (Daniel Álvarez Monte) tweeted:

Will Smith se la acaba de sacar a Will Smith. Es decir, ganó Will Smith. Los #Dodgers arriba ahora en el marcad… https://t.co/ioRA1PmUbq

@TodayintheMLB (Today in MLB) tweeted:

Will Smith vs. Will Smith. Will Smith wins. #Dodgers https://t.co/FIHeip4v88

@DrewTalbert (Drew Talbert) tweeted:

Will Smith watching Will Smith take Will Smith deep. #dodgers #dodgersvsbraves https://t.co/zs8uNjnXBc

@TheRealJHair (Jerry Hairston, Jr.) tweeted:

Great shut down inning for Baez. Love when he gets a clean inning. #Dodgers

@arreazaortega (Fernando Arreaza Ort) tweeted:

Acá el jonrón de Will Smith, ante Will Smith #Postemporada Video de #Dodgers https://t.co/rOoZPqHa5t

@ESPNDeportes (ESPN Deportes) tweeted:

Hay que decirlo: *Will Smith conecta jonrón a Will Smith* ¿Cuantas veces se tiene la oportunidad de decir eso?

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