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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Turmero / Venezuela
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@zachdespart (Zach Despart) tweeted:

Los Angeles County Pop: 10.4 million (1st in US) Mail ballot dropoff sites: 398 Harris County (#Houston) Pop: 4.7… https://t.co/E8b62yGwf0

@andyacanales (Andy Canales) tweeted:

Thanks for the conversation @KHOU. Enjoyed discussing two of my favorite topics: Education & diversity in the Latin… https://t.co/wk994e

@TexansPR (Texans PR) tweeted:

The Houston #Texans Friday Injury Report & Game Status Report for Week 6 at the Tennessee Titans: https://t.co/hlIJJCe2Mz

@wilhoitl (Lori Wilhoit) tweeted:

Congratulations to South Greene Senior Mark Crum! WCYB Friday Night Rivals, Houston Medical Group scholar athlete o… https://t.co/mhLLrsNUDP

@bountytx (Tipping Point) tweeted:

I voted today at a high school in Houston suburbs and have never seen so many people early voting. Parking was full… https://t.co/P8YdzyYUd4

@McdanielAlyia (alyia) tweeted:

Letter from Houston will never get old

@cmclymer (Charlotte Clymer ) tweeted:

Harris County is the 3rd most populous county in the United States. Houston, Texas. In 2016, they received 868,322… https://t.co/OrHOOlu457

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Calling it! Our beloved Houston Astros are going to force a game 7! #ForTheH vs. #RaysUp #Postseason https://t.co/alFEc44hfN

@BoBundyy (El Pipiripau ) tweeted:

Bro on God I’m performing Must be High in the Houston SMO lmao

@luminaria24 (Esmeralda Tobias) tweeted:

¡Votar es poder! #HTownVotes @MECA_Houston @HoustoninAction @art2action https://t.co/GObOEEVYuf

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