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@funder (Scott Dworkin) tweeted:

BREAKING: David Shimer, a top expert on Russian interference, explains how they are interfering in our election rig… https://t.co/57FcHrmM7W

@RusEmbIndia (Russia in India) tweeted:

@JuniaSchneider7 () tweeted:

Train travel through Ruskeala in Republic Karelia Russia

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Putin wants violence and Trump is delivering. I hope that message is getting through to most of the public. Trump i… https://t.co/bwn3MK5nla

@improper_ganda (improper-ganda) tweeted:

@FreeBeacon @Perduesenate @JonOssoff @DavidRutz David Perdue's helping trump remake America in the image of his bel… https://t.co/fKUcQ04WVp

@blainecapatch (blaine capatch) tweeted:

in russia, PARIS in EMILY!

@ZackBornstein (Zack Bornstein) tweeted:

This bitch gonna the try to drive to Russia in a white bronco https://t.co/SDbZHEUpxL

@gwen_berens (Gwen Gabriel) tweeted:

RT @samstein: NEW--John Bolton repeatedly told his staff to actively remove themselves from conversations and meetings with Rudy Giuliani,…

@Alisa_sfnm (Alisa Lauer) tweeted:

RT @matthewjdowd: @BoKnowsNews Lordy, you ask someone about an article that has already been proven false and having Russia propaganda as i…

@DoldineR (Doldine Roach) tweeted:

RT @DavidCornDC: Trump just said of his political opponents: “They were the ones that dealt with Russia.” This is a lie. That's not what t…

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