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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@BarstoolBigCat (Big Cat) tweeted:

So the Astros are really going to do this?

@imranhadabbah (imranscool) tweeted:

Fuck the Astros

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@Covers_Vegas some chili’s money on the Astros https://t.co/i0rgHwrXnH

@sullybaseball (Sully Baseball) tweeted:

A reminder. The Astros had ZERO adversity to overcome

@Archer_Sterling (Sterling Archer) tweeted:

BREAKING NEWS! #Astros using buttplugs to message batters. #MLB #espn

@Rev_Strikeout (Strikeout) tweeted:

Tampa, ¡tenemos un problema! https://t.co/wfRFPvhMkS vía @Rev_Strikeout @RaysBaseball @astros @MLB

@shaye278 (Shaye) tweeted:

RT @astros: See y'all tomorrow!! #ForTheH https://t.co/dLMPo3LcBm

@noseponche (Gabriel Balcacer) tweeted:

Ganaron los @astros y @Dodgers ganando 4-2 en la 7ma. #MLB

@UsagiOfficial (♪ LulaMae Barnes☆) tweeted:

Papá: No ha pichado nada el flaco de lentes, en ningún juego. Yo: ¿Quién? ¿Joe Kelly? Papá: sí, él. Yo: ah,pues es… https://t.co/uKKNevS23v

@DavidKeithOrtiz (Ortizzle) tweeted:

RT @MazzNYC: The Astros cheating to win the World Series and then baseball suspending none of their players and then expanding the playoffs…

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