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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Las Vegas / United States
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@brookme3 (Brook Smith) tweeted:

Dodgers offense https://t.co/wQSiaR2GsU

@ericstephen (Eric Stephen) tweeted:

Tonight was the 3rd time in 10 tries the Dodgers won a Game 5 when down 3-1 in a best-of-7 series (also in the 1977… https://t.co/4WOK06uaVG

@DodgersLowDown (Dodgers-LowDown) tweeted:

"Hey @coreyseager_5, how does it feel being good looking and being the hottest hitter at the same time?" -… https://t.co/9dfM48xy7w

@JesusMora09 (Jesus Mora) tweeted:

Dodgers in 7

@annikaflores15 (A) tweeted:

RT @Dodgers: VIBES. https://t.co/teUFsyMGW6

@rubyyacosta (rubyy✌) tweeted:

@thevisionoem No they won...it’s win or go home for the Dodgers they are down

@EephusBlue (Eephusblue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) tweeted:

RT @DodgerInsider: In a group text after a Game 4 loss, Dodger teammates talked about the chance to do something special. If there's a Holl…

@kstinnaaa21 (Kristina) tweeted:

RT @Dodgers: #DodgersWin! FINAL: #Dodgers 7, Braves 3 https://t.co/aM7BZ8ORA7

@life0fJuan (Rodriguez) tweeted:

Ayo Fuck #BillShaikin kinda stupid ass question is that the audacity on some of these reporters FFS! #Dodgers

@Ryan_teodora13 (Ryan) tweeted:

@CJMPadres23 Is he drunk? The Dodgers are the most boring team to watch in the MLB

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