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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Kansas City / United States
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@MSNBC (MSNBC) tweeted:

Your all-access pass to the highest office in the land, as seen through the eyes of fmr. official White House photo… https://t.co/lg9sbnMyix

@Tissework (Tisse) tweeted:

That was so sweet

@jens2763 (Jen S) tweeted:

I just miss this man so much. So human..so much empathy.. love.. leadership..humor. The most beautiful family. We… https://t.co/xbpaR8TqnH

@naretevduorp (Proud Navy Veteran ) tweeted:

#TheWayISeeIt is a love letter to Democracy, Inclusion, Equality, and the America we should all aspire to.

@Karoli (Karoli #BidenHarris2) tweeted:

Did anyone else watch the beautiful special on MSNBC? #TheWayISeeIt

@OGOPer (Old GOPer) tweeted:

If you missed #TheWayISeeIt on #MSNBC be sure to catch it on repeat or catch it online. America was a great countr… https://t.co/M5oXz2yTUS

@LeftOfMainSt (Left Of Main Street) tweeted:

Watching #TheWayISeeIt, it's clear that while @realDonaldtRUmp may occupy the Oval Office, he will never occupy our… https://t.co/TxiDDoqB41

@EdanClay (Edan Clay ) tweeted:

#TheWayISeeIt, it's about good and evil... It really is... we can't survive this level of evil we've suffered thou… https://t.co/Pufnz1nxUQ

@MissLynneNYC (Daphne L Portis) tweeted:

#TheWayISeeIt I hope that everyone that cried, are going to go out and vote early. That would be awesome.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#TheWayISeeIt is phenomenal. It made me happy, but it also was so disheartening to be reminded of just how much Ame… https://t.co/L9MN9qL8VQ

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