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World Series

Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Kansas City / United States
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@EricGarment (Eric Garment) tweeted:

the minnesota twins have won the @mlbotball world series, and what a ride it was. thanks to everyone who was a part of the community!

@metsrewind (Mets Rewind) tweeted:

October 16, 1969: The New York @Mets shocked the world, winning the 1969 World Series in five games. In Game 5 at S… https://t.co/sx7ZIEkM2o

@timbhealey (Tim Healey) tweeted:

Recent Mets Octobers... 2015: lost World Series 2016: lost NL wild-card game 2017: manager search 2018: GM search… https://t.co/JI0jbmT2SA

@RedNinetyFour (RedNinetyFour) tweeted:

Knocking on the door of 3 World Series trips in just 4 years is unfathomable. What a run for the core four of Sprin… https://t.co/E1Tn6yzjgh

@idonttweet_ever (Pete) tweeted:

RT @ScottWarner18: If the @Dodgers come back and win 3 straight in the #NLCS, I’ll buy 2 World Series tickets & flights for someone who

@itsjustjordan23 (Jordan) tweeted:

5 World Series trophies, no reason to care what y’all think. Obvious y’all do! https://t.co/ZLL2C4QHhq

@MattThompson87 (MattT) tweeted:

@Jdaddysaintc For now. Get me to the World Series first. Drawing Clemson tomorrow doesn’t exactly help.

@fitza66 (Fitz) tweeted:

@RockyTopSkiBum @JohnFricke He’s won three division titles in a row and is one W away from the World Series. Stop.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @Jared_Carrabis: Yankee fans celebrate the anniversary of the Aaron Boone home run like it's a holiday, but they lost the World Series.…

@zionwrld (333 ) tweeted:

RT @Lukefromthe904: Pache gon hit a home run to send us to the World Series isn’t he?

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