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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Jackson / United States
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@BlakeHarrisTBLA (Blake Harris) tweeted:

Mookie Betts is pretty good at baseball

@DodgerBlue1958 (Dodger Blue) tweeted:

Mookie comes through! His RBI single extends the lead to 5-2!

@ceciIiarios (ceci) tweeted:


@TheRealJHair (Jerry Hairston, Jr.) tweeted:

Mookie = Clutch #Dodgers https://t.co/TFMyxGSzXn

@maria__angela3 (Maria) tweeted:

Mookie with a single and brings Taylor home

@truebluela (True Blue LA) tweeted:

MOOKIE!! 5-2 #Dodgers! https://t.co/ecDyM6qZ4l

@DodgersLowDown (Dodgers-LowDown) tweeted:

Mookie had a .545 with runners in scoring position and 2 outs. He showed it with an RBI single to LF. 5-2 our beautiful boys! #LATogether

@thirst4dodgers () tweeted:

MOOKIE + CT3 = heart boner

@_dominguez8 (j.d0m) tweeted:

Mookie baby

@HaberBen (Ben Haber) tweeted:

Mookie is back. #Dodgers

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