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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@seanhannity (Sean Hannity) tweeted:

‘Russia hoax’ was lie created by Hillary Clinton and one of the dirtiest political tricks ever https://t.co/jw5NPl3aMI

@MatyldaStein (Matylda) tweeted:

Karelia Republic located on the Russian northwest on the border with Finland is one of the most beautiful places of… https://t.co/kkERDQx5T5

@redrobot5050 (Robert California, C) tweeted:

@NotAMuggle_7 @oclerge Even worse: You can “unadopt” children from outside the USA. Just send them back if they bec… https://t.co/b793uICpbf

@MidwinCharles (Midwin Charles) tweeted:

My prediction: if it’s a landslide victory for Biden on 11/3, Trump will be on a private flight to Russia that nigh… https://t.co/D7ZyIuIaQo

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I am sure the jet to Russia is on standby... https://t.co/nVgixgA5mX

@violetpilot1 (Skies-of-Glory) tweeted:

#russia https://t.co/TdnMKtiprm

@the_exception (CeeCee) tweeted:

Smear campaign?

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @charliekirk11: If it were revealed any of Donald Trump's kids smoked crack & sold out our country to Russia, China, or Ukraine and t

@MOBuckeyes42 (Bill #Vote) tweeted:

RT @NoahShachtman: EXCLUSIVE: John Bolton repeatedly warned his staff to avoid Rudy Giuliani, because of Rudy's suspected ties to pro-Russi…

@EricSteeleLive (EricSteeleLive) tweeted:

RT @3days3nights: Hey @FBI. Congratulations. America no longer trusts you. [+] Hunter Biden’s laptops [+] Hillary’s email servers. [+] A…

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