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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Honolulu / United States
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@GlenOfSteel (What is sports happi) tweeted:

This is the game I expected. When minter gave us 3 I was in complete shock. Bats been dead since the tag up debacle.

@mathomp_501 (Mark Thompson) tweeted:

Braves lost minter for the series and probably won’t have Matzek or Smith ( which could be a good thing) in a game… https://t.co/EYf0lsvWH8

@badamsufl (Brett Adams) tweeted:

@RedTeam4Life Had to feel great with Minter’s performance. The Ozuna base running blunder cost us all momentum. We… https://t.co/7JbCWUlKqy

@rgrondin2003 (Ralyn 2-4-1 (sb 52 w) tweeted:

RT @JeffPassan: A.J. Minter's line against the Dodgers: 3 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 7 K He struck out the last five hitters he faced, including…

@RobertMoody0405 (Robert Moody) tweeted:

Minter put in all that work for this.

@Michael_AskewJr (Michael Askew Jr.) tweeted:

@ChikinChop Just sucks that Minter’s brilliance is effictively erased

@2Tons_of_phun (Christian Young) tweeted:

@PhillipHamric Wish he would have let minter keep cooking

@ryanmaxbailey (RB) tweeted:

Wasted Minter’s effort today. I feel bad for that kid.

@cutharris13 (cutler harris) tweeted:

I know we were supposed to lose this game, but after what Minter did I really got my hopes up.

@TheVinylGuy95 (The Vinyl Guy) tweeted:

Sucks Minter’s tremendous start is going to be overshadowed now

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