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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Harrisburg / United States
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@WhoTrendedIT (Who Trended it ?) tweeted:

Wooohoo You know who sent #JoeBidensNeighborhood trending in the US ? I do. Well done @funder. beep beep, robot said.

@KatrinaPierson (Katrina Pierson) tweeted:

#JoeBidensNeighborhood isn’t a racial jungle.

@dee4peace (Dolores Peers #MMT) tweeted:

#JoeBidensNeighborhood https://t.co/fjV2w0IOza

@troballis (tamtam) tweeted:

RT @KatrinaPierson: #JoeBidensNeighborhood isn’t a racial jungle.

@troballis (tamtam) tweeted:

RT @BitmojiMaddow: Who made this?!

@drinehart95 (davidcrinehart) tweeted:

RT @1zzyzyx1: This is the man who can relate to every American, he has seen the best and the worst that life has offered. This will be the…

@ericserati68 (stephen) tweeted:

RT @funder: I voted for Biden. And I’m damn proud of it. #JoeBidensNeighborhood

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @realdillonroyal: I want to live where people are kind, compassionate, and sane. I want to live in #JoeBidensNeighborhood

@look_to_god (Katie) tweeted:

RT @AndreaLynn789: Joe Biden has got to wear a cardigan to the next debate, and change his shoes on stage. #JoeBidensNeighborhood

@dee4peace (Dolores Peers #MMT) tweeted:

#JoeBidensNeighborhood https://t.co/I5VPTknwXA

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