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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Harrisburg / United States
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@buckrzeller (Buck Zeller) tweeted:

@BFinn86 Webb lost his cool after the hit by pitch call. After that he gave up a double and a HR.

@mayorraulreyes (Webb County Treasure) tweeted:

15,074 people have voted thus far in #webbcounty! There are 137,876 eligible registered voters in Webb County. Let’… https://t.co/EZyCxtZ2j4

@JBusie (James Busie) tweeted:

RT @JeffSchultzATL: Minter > Matzek Minter > Greene Minter > Smith Minter > Webb

@GrandpaKersh (Dan) tweeted:

RT @jeuneadela: webb got himself angry and for what. he should have just sat there and ate his food. now he looks like a clown on live TV

@gizzelle__ (Giselle) tweeted:

i know Webb is BIG mad lol https://t.co/yiz6i9XguS

@carbusman (Carlos Bustos) tweeted:

RT @alfa_tomahawk: Van a dejar que LAD llegue a 15 otra vez? A Webb no se le ha pasado el coraje, a patadas que lo saquen para que se enoje…

@yaMAINEman (Maine) tweeted:

RT @TalkingChop: Welp. Webb got within one strike of ending the inning twice. Instead, we got...........that..........Braves have a mountai…

@mike_thomason_ (Michael Thomason) tweeted:

Webb ends the inning after 3 runs given up. The @braves come to bat in the 7th looking to mount a comeback. It’s ti… https://t.co/evKco9vC4w

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@CastDodgers Certeza que sim! Webb tava se achando o doutrinador (e tava bem) e foi tudo por água abaixo.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @BlisterRich: Jacob Webb https://t.co/lBvH4pZVNa

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