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@Princess_Nef (Nef Nef) tweeted:

I’m shocked Destinie didn’t swing on Shawn in the hot tub. #loveafterlockup

@Princess_Nef (Nef Nef) tweeted:

Wtf is wrong with Heather?! She’s threatened by her 100 yr old aunt with oxygen around her man! Dylan has the respe… https://t.co/wJsHfnGZnm

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@JasRn38 @eyeslikebadu I haven't watched Darcey, Stacey, MAFS in prob a month. I'm only watching #Loveafterlockup.… https://t.co/03eQ7OruVi

@blondie857 (Elizabeth) tweeted:

This Bitch needs to fork out 50 thousand dollars to someone and let them treat & speak to you like scum of the worl… https://t.co/Jg1MTP

@RealNativeEyes (Sheila aka Native Ey) tweeted:

What great,great,great grandmother Cherokee princess bull crap is this?

@Princess_Nef (Nef Nef) tweeted:

Did anyone else see all those empty Squirt soda cans on Johns nightstand?! Wtf! I can’t get past his fake wanna be… https://t.co/oKrwKS6tmt

@thundathighsss (Ms.BrilliantBrainJan) tweeted:

Destine isn’t about that man she just needed a place to fall for the time being. #loveafterlockup

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