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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Greensboro / United States
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@funder #JoeBidensNeighborhood would be a prosperous diverse neighborhood where neighbors looked out for each other… https://t.co/X6bGMLfsFO

@louiseloveland (Louise Loveland ) tweeted:

@funder I would rather live in #JoeBidensNeighborhood because he cares.

@MichaelJPartyka (Mike Partyka) tweeted:

People are tweeting #JoeBidensNeighborhood like Antifa didn't show us exactly what that'd look like: https://t.co/1iB83m3ZgE

@Carolcdt (carol #IgnorePolls) tweeted:

@funder I’d rather live in #JoeBidensNeighborhood because he would encourage us all to like each other just the w… https://t.co/Lz0XxaXdvS

@JANETNEWBERG (Janet Newberg) tweeted:

@funder I want to live in #JoeBidensNeighborhood where diversity flourishes, people are concerned about each other,… https://t.co/gVQn3X2FiY

@CellaRuVE25 (VoteBlueToSaveAmeric) tweeted:

#JoeBidensNeighborhood is gonna be a much better place than What we got going now #BidenHarris2020… https://t.co/LQwphH0Sow

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

We will be loved, not hated in #JoeBidensNeighborhood https://t.co/Mwnkm05NtN

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@funder @luis_montilla7 Wanna live in #JoeBidensNeighborhood so I can put up #BidenHarris2020 yard signs without f… https://t.co/dRlE3QrdWO

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@funder We have Legal Recreational Marijuana in #JoeBidensNeighborhood https://t.co/KyGPcAI1ob

@DemInRedOK (Danielle #BidenHarri) tweeted:

Together we can make this #JoeBidensNeighborhood. Strength, unity, caring, compassion, inclusion. Through action,… https://t.co/x2tPG1FAm6

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