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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
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@CrosbyTheGreat (Nayvadius DeMun Wilb) tweeted:

RT @TBSBraves: Why was AJ Minter ever a reliever?

@DRUML1FE () tweeted:

RT @RealCJ10: Minter.......Bravo my friend! Excellent

@LeePeters18 (Lee Peters?) tweeted:

RT @ZachKleinWSB: AJ Minter has tied an NLCS record with 5 consecutive strikeouts... Curt Schilling was the 1st to do it. Again.. this is…

@david_multani (Beard God) tweeted:

Tonight’s game should tell u that a lot of game depends on the momentum. Minter had it down for 3 innings. Was shut… https://t.co/TkjyOU2W1L

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@KierstenJ1994 Minter got wild and lost velo off his fastball quickly. He doesn’t have the endurance to go for a quality start.

@joeybeninghove (Joey) tweeted:

@strickland I just don’t understand why he keeps taking out our hot starters?!? Minter was on fire tonight!

@Weatherman41AC (Austin Cook) tweeted:

RT @PitchingNinja: AJF'n Minter.

@PhilWasHere_ (Phil) tweeted:

RT @b_outliers: Hold up...hold up...are their really people mad Snit took out Minter? What was he suppose to do with a guy who’s been a 1-i…

@bennettweaver14 (Ben Weaver) tweeted:

@_btrice2 AJ Minter was clearly gassed after 3 though.

@KingMalcolmX22 (Matt Malcolm) tweeted:

RT @billplunkettocr: #Braves AJ Minter has never thrown more than 36 pitches in a big-league game. His first 24 have gone pretty well for…

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