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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Bogotá / Colombia
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@james_corbett (James Corbett) tweeted:

From a son of Crosby, who grew up idolising @MrAncelotti's Milan (as a player) and Parma teams as exotic,sublime &… https://t.co/8CYfAS

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@NathanFenwick15 @premierleague @Everton Last year the surprise team was Man United

@NovaDwiPutra (NOPA) tweeted:

Pertandingan Big Match nanti malam Everton vs Liverpool Manchester City vs Arsenal Napoli vs Atalanta Inter Milan… https://t.co/UDmUkFxh1d

@GoalJP_Official (Goal Japan) tweeted:

@Football__Tweet (Football Tweet) tweeted:

Today's Premier League fixtures: ⏰ 12.30pm: Everton vs. Liverpool ⏰ 3pm: Chelsea vs. Southampton ⏰ 5.30pm: Man C… https://t.co/NSb7SST3AC

@lecarso (Lee Carsley) tweeted:

Come on Everton..

@FaktaSepakbola (faktabola) tweeted:

Malam ini akan terjadi 2 derby seru. Derby Merseyside, Everton vs Liverpool, jarak antar stadion kedua tim ini han… https://t.co/mPiGV64mZe

@fauziamirbontot (Fauzi Amir) tweeted:

Penasaran sih bet, udh lama juga tiap Derby skuadnya jomplang. Nah skrg kayanya skuad Everton udh lumayan.. yaa wal… https://t.co/YKYMOHWMde

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Twitter keeps banning me this days! Maybe I ll keep a low profile. So as just to give U your favourite draws! Welco… https://t.co/YMgAD52Ouo

@Everton (Everton) tweeted:

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