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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Denver / United States
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Latest Wildfire Fire Information for NOCO: #CameronPeakFire 169,171 acres, #MullenFire is 176,374 acres… https://t.co/tqjhxrYWH3

@ChrisCBS4 (Chris Spears) tweeted:

Wow. From high up in the Optiv building in downtown Denver. That’s not a baboon. Or a front. Or a line of t-storms.… https://t.co/QZKdilgVmN

@NWSBoulder (NWS Boulder) tweeted:

Amazing shot! A large amount of smoke arriving in the immediate #Denver area is coming from the… https://t.co/d0GVxCECAO

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Intense afternoon of wildfire in the Colorado Rockies with both the #CameronPeakFire and #EastTroublesomeFire produ… https://t.co/HtwNrYkcQv

@DenverChannel (Denver7 News) tweeted:

This is what the skies looked like as AIRTRACKER7 was heading to the Rocky Mountains from the Denver area not too l… https://t.co/ef66zRr6QX

@NWSBoulder (NWS Boulder) tweeted:

Latest smoke forecast for the night. We hope that we see some thinning overnight as westerly breezes kick in across… https://t.co/w6KzmQNumG

@hmakens (Hillary Makens) tweeted:

An ominous view as smoke from the #EastTroublesomeFire, more than 80 miles away, rolls into Castle Rock, CO. #cowx… https://t.co/uO5KqWWnKg

@AmplitudeUSA (AmplitudeUSA) tweeted:

Extremely high winds are fueling the #EastTroublesomeFire ... more fire crew are headed in.. #ColoradoFires video… https://t.co/e8LtsRYTq3

@AmplitudeUSA (AmplitudeUSA) tweeted:

#EastTroublesomeFire https://t.co/35caRdcZXB

@AshtonCBS4 (Ashton Altieri) tweeted:

Double plumes! ⁦@DillonMThomas⁩ captured the gap between Johnstown and Longmont tonight. Smoke on the right is from… https://t.co/QKUcwQJgxS

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