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@WWE (WWE) tweeted:

A HUGE #UniversalTitle showdown, #NewDay's Farewell Match on the blue brand and more goes down tonight on the seaso… https://t.co/Rcc4ntKd3q

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Throwback. #Asuka #EmpressOfTomorrow #Smackdown #WWE https://t.co/6lf0o1PRfK

@pcwesner (Peyton Wesner) tweeted:

#SmackDown Stat of the Day: Tonight is the first time Sheamus and Cesaro are teaming together in 557 days — that’s… https://t.co/Kay8qkx5S6

@AngelicDivinity (Melyssa Winchester) tweeted:

What a reaction for Daniel Bryan. Despite the way of the world these days, that felt fantastic and I loved it. #SmackDown

@TravisJonesWWE (❤ The #GeekGoddess ) tweeted:

Lady @TheAJMendez - The #QueenOfMindGames is the true queen of mind games #TeamAJ and no one can ever hope to touch… https://t.co/FuSdyTZLRe

@GeneNoLimit (Gene Van Horn) tweeted:


@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @WWERomanReigns: Braun tonight. #Smackdown Clemson tomorrow. #4the404 Same mission. #WreckEveryoneAndLeave https://t.co/9uwVL9cHS0

@thedevilishdiva (Hollie Annett) tweeted:

RT @btsportwwe:

@ben4589 (benny boy) tweeted:

Did you enjoy WWE Smackdown ?? #SmackDown #WWE

@rakyy___ () tweeted:

RT @WWE: Hi, Brie @BellaTwins!!

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