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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Columbus / United States
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@BauerOutage (Trevor Bauer) tweeted:

Bullpen day in an elimination game. Bold strategy we’ll see how it plays out. @Dodgers @Braves

@JeffDonahoo_ (Jeff) tweeted:

I like it better when the Braves do that thing where they score a bunch of runs in one inning.

@KevinMcAlpin (Kevin McAlpin) tweeted:

Except, there's a rule that says he would have to face three batters. And that was his second. #Braves @680TheFan https://t.co/k3VtUunz7n

@DueOrDie (David Perdue) tweeted:

Braves got me out here being responsible & going to bed early...

@ChopOnCorey (Corey. ) tweeted:

#RALLYPOTATO https://t.co/9sQUcKNsGk

@DodgersNation (Dodgers Nation) tweeted:

Breaking News: John Smoltz wears his Braves jersey under his suit.

@RyanLeeMP (Deadrin Senat’s Uncl) tweeted:

If the Braves come back and win this I’ll live stream me rapping Forgot About Dre word for word

@IrishHoneyDip (Miss Ñaz) tweeted:

Stop with the negativity bullshit. Do you realize what this team has accomplished? Our young rotation is facing the… https://t.co/zMgrRLuvOa

@SportsTalkATL (SportsTalkATL.com) tweeted:

The clowns showed their real colors tonight. Braves up 3-1 RELAX

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Braves should drill a Dodger so our bats wake up @TheBigHurt_35

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