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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Cleveland / United States
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@fuckboybulmaro () tweeted:

Pls lordt #Dodgers https://t.co/E8xR2quVdz

@BlakeHarrisTBLA (Blake Harris) tweeted:

I have no clue why... but for some reason... I feel like the #Dodgers will take the lead in the 6th inning

@Lakers_310 (Lakers310 - Alex) tweeted:

Three run SHOT by the FRESH PRINCE! LFG!!!!! All you Dodgers fans who aren't watching, go fuck yourself for losing hope! #Dodgers

@DingerTracker (Home Run Tracker) tweeted:

#Dodgers 7 @ #Braves 2 [T7-2o]: Corey Seager homers (4): fly ball to RCF (2-run) [2nd of game] Pitch: 95mph Four-… https://t.co/ZFYiq0rjZN

@DMAC_LA (Doug McKain) tweeted:

WE BACK IN THIS BITCH!!!!!!! #dodgers https://t.co/mDe48woz0L

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Corey has been spectacular this series #Dodgers #LATogether #Postseason

@TheRealJHair (Jerry Hairston, Jr.) tweeted:

Played w/ @coreyseager_5 (Rehab assignment) & @CalRipkenJr. These guys are mirror images of each other. West Coast… https://t.co/oOqdJyW

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Retira Víctor González la séptima entrada, con una base, sin carrera. #Dodgers 7 #Braves 2 https://t.co/EXxjvxybeH

@chiopatraa () tweeted:

That was a beautiful play! I’ll give ya that #Dodgers #BravesvsDodgers

@DodgerHogs (DodgerHogs) tweeted:

Almost called another one. #Dodgers https://t.co/Lz4NX916yq

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