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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Cincinnati / United States
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@DodgersLowDown (Dodgers-LowDown) tweeted:

NEVER A DOUBT! STRENGTH VIBE SENT AND RECEIVED BY GONZALEZ. No runs for the Braves in the 7th! #Dodgers 7 #Braves 2

@DodgersNation (Dodgers Nation) tweeted:

#LADvsATL Middle of the 8th Score Update: Dodgers: 7 Braves: 2 You getting the NSFW or Clean Version? - Thank you… https://t.co/TDLrI4NGkp

@David_KP4L (David) tweeted:

Let’s go @braves!! #NotOver #RallyTime #ForTheA #MixItUp

@iJordanMoore (Jordan Moore) tweeted:

Regardless of the outcomes, regardless of if you like them or not... these final four teams- Braves, Rays, Dodgers,… https://t.co/uXco05iF9h

@1bossmanru (Living) tweeted:

braves finna blow it man im tellin ya

@hato0810 (レンガ) tweeted:

@Guyca_Braves いけませんねぇ

@braves79 (Braves79) tweeted:

Let's get three here. And three in the 9th to win it. Or the #Braves can get 11 greedy and score 6 here.


I TRULY feel my best friends pain.... @Braves you’re breaking my bestfriend’s mf heart @DamiancmpD #Postseason https://t.co/6qMIY8kOtE

@LyricMoney (Ty. Jr) tweeted:

@bigH_88 @Braves He’s always been a liability IMO ...it’s like it tries to show us he can manage when in theory let… https://t.co/heBccYPtIJ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@BassYakn Wait...you're not betting on a Braves come back are you??

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