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Trend time: Fri Oct 16, 2020
Trend location: Charlotte / United States
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@Angelcakes73 (Angel Edwardo Diaz) tweeted:

$angelcakes73 honestly I never do this even this cash app does it a lot. Figured I’ll never win but I’m shooting #PulteHelpsPeople

@chandychan07 (chandra jones) tweeted:

@pulte $chandychan @pulte #PulteHelpsPeople

@Beto_Akatuske (Heberto (Akatuske) D) tweeted:

@pulte $AkatuskeGG #PulteHelpsPeople I can really use it right now

@linabelllllll (Linabel Zhao) tweeted:

This is a good friend of mine who’s a teacher. His students would really benefit in any (laptop, etc) donations.… https://t.co/xPXinsMdiB

@skyleemckay99 () tweeted:

@pulte $SkyleeL #PulteHelpsPeople

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

$Eduardovel #PulteHelpsPeople

@Ashley_Cheek (CHEEK) tweeted:

@pulte $CheekAshley #PulteHelpsPeople

@eddieshi1 (Eddie Shi) tweeted:

@pulte $eddieshi #PulteHelpsPeople

@tlhpro (Terry Hurst) tweeted:

RT @pulte: Drop your CashApp, use #PulteHelpsPeople

@PerryJ82 (Jessica Perry) tweeted:

@pulte $JJONNELL #pultehelpspeople

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