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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@DeadPresPicks (Dead President Picks) tweeted:

Astros winning the World Series would be so 2020

@adamclanton (Adam Clanton) tweeted:

@RooshWilliams @astros @michaelschwab13 @AstrosCounty @jakemkaplan @brianmctaggart @blummer27 So let it be known.

@JoseGasspar (José G.) tweeted:

E increíblemente, esta remontada de los Astros les esta ganando simpatías, efecto inesperado de la serie.

@_CoronaLime_ (CoronaLime) tweeted:

@MLB @astros MLB not only didn't ban or penalize them, but expanded the playoff team allowing a losing record into… https://t.co/cPPQB1qYwL

@juancasandoval_ (Mister) tweeted:

@LeopoldoArreola @a_carlos42 @JASeguraTrejo A pesar de baker no me agrada tengo que reconocerle la estrategia con l… https://t.co/WYtsKcRcJy

@michaelwood_13 (Woody) tweeted:

@DonMolcajete the horrible hypocrisy of baseball, the Chicago black Sox scandal gets caught and they get banned fo… https://t.co/7xZsIPBrFa

@htownproud1996 (noneofyabusiness) tweeted:

RT @GregBailey13: Correa says it and backs it up as well as anyone in the game. He just took a stand for his pitcher. Turned the inning end…

@Boultone (Dino Spamoni) tweeted:

RT @DeadPresPicks: Astros winning the World Series would be so 2020

@BryanArriolaa (Bryan) tweeted:

RT @astros: Framber was filthy. #ForTheH https://t.co/r6E3apG0NN

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