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Trend time: Mon Oct 12, 2020
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@KhutsoWizzle (#Wizzle "Peace" #Se) tweeted:

I will revive your shoes. Please check my work on my WhatsApp catalogue 0658493278 send us your pictures for pric… https://t.co/ZsqGoSsJwp

@jennife51838813 (KpopAgent00⁷#ThankYo) tweeted:

RT @HamiltonMusical: We’ve got @ReneeGoldsberry and @leslieodomjr hosting us throughout the night tonight! #HamiltonTownHall

@LisaKBromley (Lisa Bromley ) tweeted:

RT @MaureenShaw: Hearing my friend @JMunozActor recall performing for and meeting President Obama during @HamiltonMusical is the ending of…

@LisaKBromley (Lisa Bromley ) tweeted:

RT @taradublinrocks: CLICK BOOM #TheZoomWhereItHappens #hamiltontownhall https://t.co/u9zyY1W5Ou

@LisaKBromley (Lisa Bromley ) tweeted:

RT @LaurenAshley087: “A vote for Kamala Harris is a vote to include women in the sequel!” WERK! #hamiltontownhall https://t.co/vC5nVUSxPd

@kevc1980 (Kevin Cotta) tweeted:

RT @rhleeds: Dear god PLEASE release this Room Where It Happened voting video @JoeBiden #hamiltontownhall https://t.co/2GZdEUzZ2p

@xoxoLizza (Lizza Monét Morales ) tweeted:


@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Omg I know I’ve been saying it for a while but something is up this it A threat #hamiltontownhall #EndSARS #5for5… https://t.co/NaVm1cyV6Z

@PancaspeA (Pancaspe) tweeted:

Well done, fam. #hamiltontownhall https://t.co/7UuO6YXufE

@JroddyWilson (RowdyBeatz Publishin) tweeted:

#annonymous #bluegreenerandproud #hamiltontownhall https://t.co/xZTKHXBLyD

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