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Trend time: Mon Oct 12, 2020
Trend location: Boston / United States
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@HolyCowan (spencer) tweeted:

RT @RealCJ10: I need Minter in the 3rd!!!!!

@kyle_condra (Kyle Coñdra) tweeted:

RT @FOXSportsSouth: A.J. Minter struck out 7 of the 10 Dodgers he faced in NLCS Game 5. https://t.co/033m9MdeXZ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@onlyonejj22 @twall_e @Lex_Naija 4 from Minter is just too much to ask in a close game. It was day 3 of the Shane G… https://t.co/XZ8ZYe08Ll

@ConnerSisk720 (Atlañña “FFS” Braves) tweeted:

RT @Braves: So, how about A.J. Minter?? #MixItUp | #ForTheA https://t.co/2nC9JtlRaO

@Heezy_PackyYow (Heezy Da Great) tweeted:

@MIG0S_ATL @b_outliers Minter’s velocity went from 98 to 94 by the time he got to the third. He’d never EVER pitche… https://t.co/Hd29cg4XLV

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hey wanted to say I appreciate all who schooled me about why AJ Minter was taken out. I get where you guus are comi… https://t.co/iLKWJrQ2M4

@AleLaMarroquin (Alejandra Marroquín) tweeted:

RT @LosBravos: ¡Qué tal A.J. Minter! #Mézclalo | #PorLaA https://t.co/CAftqtC8qA

@DavidRBarr () tweeted:

RT @Braves: A.J. Minter is the first pitcher in postseason history to strike out at least seven batters in an outing of 3.0 innings or fewe…

@TrinDeSines (Trin) tweeted:

RT @Braves: So, how about A.J. Minter?? #MixItUp | #ForTheA https://t.co/2nC9JtlRaO

@zjones4457 (Zach Jones) tweeted:

Leave minter in bottom line

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